Kamat Pharmatech appreciates the efforts of companies focused on treating patients with rare diseases. As part of our mission, we strive to join these companies in their endeavors to push medicine forward.

Our fully-equipped laboratories make orphan drug development streamlined and cost-effective for companies who may face challenges of time, money, and laboratory access. Our solubilization expertise, homogenization and suspension capability, multiple lyophilizers and robust in-house analytical capability can accelerate the development of these time-critical orphan drugs faster than other contract development laboratories in the market. We are capable of producing toxicology and stability samples and have unique access to a vivarium and cell-lines evaluations.

We are located in the NJ Technology Center – situated among the most sought-after innovative life sciences companies. We can leverage our experience (more than 25 years in the major pharmaceutical companies) as well as our connectivity with other innovative labs in the center and nearby universities to propel orphan drugs into the market.