We Develop Injectable & Topical Products

Kamat Pharmatech, founded in 2013, is a pharmaceutical development company based in Central New Jersey.

We are actively seeking co-development and/or partnerships for all of the above.

Our Specialties

Complex Formulations

Development of IV injectable formulations of insoluble and unstable compounds has been our forte since our inception. We can provide leadership in formulation development, process development, technology transfer, manufacture, and regulatory support. 

Suspensions, Nanosuspensions, Microspheres

We have technology to prepare suspensions and nano-suspensions such as fully equipped IKA homogenizers, quadro homogenizers, glenmill, as well as microfluidics processor. A full range of analytical techniques such as Shimadzu and Malvern particle size distribution (PSD) measuring systems can optimize these formulations to the desired target profile.

Liposomes and Emulsions

With extrusion capability, we can formulate liposomal and emulsion formulations efficiently. We have successly co-developed IV injectable products in this format for our clients. 

Reverse Engineering of Complex Topicals

With our analytical expertise and formulation capabilities, we can efficiently resolve Q1/Q2 sameness of almost any complex topical product.

In-Vitro Characterization of Complex Products

We conduct diffusion, dissolution, rheometry, and Type 4 dialysis studies. 

Our Facilities

Our fully equipped laboratory includes the processing and analytical equipment for preparation as well as analysis of injectable formulations. The lists below outline some of our capabilities:

HPLC Systems (UV, RI, CAD detection)Lyophilizers
GC SystemsSemi-solid Processing Equipment
Stability ChambersHomogenizers
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)Microfluidizer
Freeze Drying MicroscopeDynomill
Dissolution Testing ApparatusesPilot Scale Ampule Filling Machine
Hybrid RheometerAutoclave
USP Particle Counter
Texture Analyzers
Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
Karl Fisher Titrator
Electrophoresis, IEF, Other Bioanalytical Equipment
FTIR Spectrophotometer

Pipeline Products

Molecule/Therapeutic AreaDosage FormStage
CyclosporinSterile opthalmic solutionPreclinical development
AntidepressantOral solution505(b)2, Clinical development
Anti-inflammatory/AntibioticSterile opthalmic suspensionPreclinical development
OncologySterile lyophilized product505(b)2, Preclinical development
OncologySterile nanosuspensionPreclinical development
Emergency TreatmentOral solidClinical development
Others-Generic development